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Arthroscopy Hand Instruments

Suction Punch self resetting

Suction punch handle with and without suction control

Suction punch self resetting for small joint surgery

Suction punch handle with suction control

[Translate to English:]  Saugpunch für die Kleingelenkchirurgie selbstrückstellend

Hand instrument knee with standard handle

[Translate to English:] Handinstrument Knie mit Standardgriff

Hand instrument knee with ergonomic handle

[Translate to English:]  Handinstrument Knie mit Ergogriff

Hand instrument shoulder

Suture Hook with classic handle

[Translate to English:] Handinstrument Schulter

Grasping Forceps Alligator Jr.

[Translate to English:] Fasszange Alligator junior

Sensors, instruments for microfracture surgery, HF instruments


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